Freelance Services

Services for Legal Firms and Legal Departments

If you are a lawyer, whether in your own firm or as part of a Corporate legal department, there will be times where you  do not have the knowledge or time to handle the work.

You are in a bind because you have too much work, but maybe not enough to warrant employing another lawyer.  Legal firms do not like turning away clients or letting their service suffer and for a corporate legal department the only other choice is to refer the matter to outside legal firms, at a much greater cost.

It may be that you want someone experienced and knowledgeable to handle a matter for you as a sub-contractor or even to just carry out specific tasks on files and know that it will be well done.  

You can simply and profitably extend the expertise and resources of your practice without paying for more than you need at any particular time.       

In a unique concept, instead of hiring a lawyer to assist you for a whole day, you can now obtain the services of a very experienced lawyer to assist you in various areas for your exact needs at the times you need it for the amount of time you need.

Alan will come to your office, or go elsewhere such as to Court or a client’s premises, and undertake what you require.  With the use of technology, much work can be done remotely.  The client remains yours.



For more information about these services, please contact me.

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