The Practice

The Practice

All business clietns from multi-national to individuals are catered for. In addition, wholesale legal services are able to be provided to private legal firms and corporate legal departments.

Service Orientated

And above all, he is client service oriented.  What you get is how he would like to be served if he was the client –

  • Fast responses
  • Accessibility
  • Pro-activeness
  • Advice in plain language with practical recommendations as to proposed actions
  • Well thought out strategies based upon what are your goals
  • Thorough preparation and research
  • Cost effective service

Experienced in commercial, insurance, and building and construction litigation,Alan has been involved in major and some ground setting cases.   He also provides advices on commercial issues, including partnership law, franchising and general commercial agreements.

While no lawyer can guarantee what the result will be, certain things are clear.   Without doing the necessary groundwork in understanding what the dispute is about, what is required to be proven in evidence if it goes to court and considering what are the best tactics to try to obtain the best result possible, a client’s prospects in a dispute will be reduced.

These philosophies govern how Alan Kornhauser practices law and clients can be assured that their case will receive the proper preparation and attention they deserve.

For more information about these services, please contact me.

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