This reference is to introduce Mr Alan Kornhauser whom I have known professionally for over twenty years through my involvement in the insurance industry.  I first met Alan when he was a senior partner at Anderson & Rice whom he left to join the Bar. He later left the Bar to practice in his own right.

There are a number of reasons why I have no hesitation in recommending Alan to my clients;

First and foremost is his professionalism, reliability and extensive knowledge of the law in his area of expertise. This is complemented by his ability to listen and quickly comprehend the situation.

Once Alan has accepted a case he is entirely committed, applying meticulous attention the every detail. He will leave no stone unturned. Not only preparing his own case but preparing the oppositions case to ensure that he has not overlooked any possibility.

Alan is always accessible either in person or by phone. If he is not available to take your call you can rest assured that he will contact you at the first opportunity. He is also a stickler for meeting time lines.

I have always found his fees to be very reasonable for the services provided and certainly less than you would pay with the large corporate lawyers.

I would like to share with you very briefly an experience one of our clients had using Alans’ services;

A large multinational insurer had declined a claim for $35,000, which I believed should have been paid. I convinced our client to engage Alan to review the matter and give an opinion. Alan agreed that the claim should have been paid under the terms and conditions of the policy. Our client after some deliberation agreed to sue the insurer. The court found in our favour and ordered the insurer to pay the claim and all costs.

The insurer appealed the claim to the Supreme Court. Our client was concerned that if he proceeded and lost that he would be up for substantial costs being his and those of the insurance company. After discussing this with Alan and reviewing our case he decided to proceed. Alan won the case and our client was awarded in excess of $220,000.

I have never seen anyone ask the same question in so many ways to ensure that the information was correct. He attended the site on a number of occaisions to ensure that he had the correct information. I am sure that he could have recited the operating manual relating to that machine. Then, when he interviewed the staff and demonstrated his knowledge, he gained their respect, setting them at ease and obtaining the information he required.

For all of the above reasons I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan Kornhauser and would be happy for you to contact me.

Les Lane
Manager – General Insurance
HICA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
M 0433 730 977
P +61 3 9422 6502
F +61 3 9431 4469

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